PIA Fellows

Here are the 2019 PIA Summer Fellows!

  • Kayla Aungst, Senior Legal Aid of WV
  • Erin O’Brien, WVU College of Law Land Use Clinic
  • Abigail Cadle, Legal Aid of WV
  • Eliza Cercone, ChildLaw Services
  • Bobby Chambers, Sprouse Fellow, Federal Public Defender
  • Jenny Cochran, Legal Aid of WV
  • Ryan Combs, WVU College of Law Land Use Clinic
  • Laura Davidson, Mountain State Justice
  • Jordan Dishong, ACLU of WV
  • Brittany Dolan, Sprouse Fellow, Harrison County Public Defender
  • Daja Elliot, ChildLaw Services
  • Bob Gardner, WVU College of Law Land Use Clinic
  • MacKenzie Hardin, Disability Rights of WV
  • Olivia Haught, Disability Rights of WV
  • Emily Issacs, Legal Aid of WV
  • Sam Johnson, ACLU of WV
  • Tiffany Kent, Sprouse fellow, Harrison County Public Defender
  • Shannon Marlowe, Legal Aid of WV
  • Katie Murray, Legal Aid of WV
  • Emily Neely, Legal Aid of WV
  • Sarah Petitto, Legal Aid of WV
  • Kendra Ricer, Legal Aid of WV
  • Austin Rogers, WVU College of Law Land Use Clinic
  • Sandra Walls, Mountain State Justice
  • Samantha Willis, WVU College of Law Land Use Clinic

Sprouse Public Defender Fellowship

The Sprouse Public Defender Fellowship is particularly competitive and students apply in the fall to be awarded this opportunity. One student who is awarded the Sprouse fellowship will work with a state public defender and the other with a federal public defender.

Charon Fellowship

The Charon Fellowship is a new PIA fellowship that has been created in honor of the late Regina Charon, Esq. This fellowship, established by Regina’s husband Nyles, honors Regina’s legacy as a legal services attorney. This fellowship will be awarded annually to a student who will be employed at one of the branch offices of Legal Aid of West Virginia.